In the world of Mara KORPER, when people have a disagreement they are able to file a discrepancy. These are read by Mother Administration officials and - if necessary - are escalated to a tribuanal. More often than not, discrepancies are filed away and if a person has a number of discrepancies filed against them they are called in to a meeting with Mother Administration officials to rectify any undesirable behaviour.

More significant issues may be resolved by a resolution officer, who will mediate the problem for both parties
Serious issues go to a Discrepancy Resolution Trial and are deliberated before Superiors, a jury and anyone who wants to watch (much like going to court).

Discrepancies and the discrepany process gives the illusion of freewill and autonomy, but is a surveillance strategy for the Mother Administration to prevent physical attacks and escalation of issues, thus reducing violence which in turn preserves peace and precious korpers.

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