History of The Mother

In the year 2033 the economy is in crisis, climate change is in full-swing leaving the environment in chaos and the political and social organisation of society in ruins. At this time a rare virus wipes out all XY chromosome humans, eliminating the patriarchy forever. A matriarchy is installed (led by The Mother) that imposes austerity measures to ensure the survival of human beings… fast forward 1000 years to the year 3033 into a distant future where these austerity measures have become important cultural traditions and form the basis of a religion.

Welcome to the Mother Administrations

You are now in the world of the Mother which is regulated and controlled by the Mother Administrations - a shadowy, authoritarian government. In this world you do not own your body, it is owned by the Mother. When you die it is reclaimed and recycled into various products and materials.

Violence is strictly forbidden and it is illegal to slice or cut the flesh. Gender is obsolete and the pronouns Sie for she/he and ser for his/her are used.

Everyone must prove their dedication to the Mother and worship ser by wearing the most unique and strange outfits they can create, making absurd gestures and singing songs of dedication and allegiance.

Unity is Harmoniosity

The Mother Administrations enforce their rules and regulations through panoptic control. All citizens obey a rigid hierarchy and everyone watches out for each other to ensure there is constant surveillance. The constant reminders of allegiance, maintaining peace, commitment to unity and the Mother keep people in-check and checking-in on each other. 

Bureaucracy is a mechanism employed as an administrative process to ensure “equality”, “transparency” and “justice”. There are procedures to manage relations, solve disputes and to structures work, social life and citizen behaviour. Red tape keeps people busy and makes more jobs for everybody.

The policies set by the Mother Administrations determine how everyone lives. Mentality is usually collectivist, which is inevitably ensuring that the powerful few can continue to control and benefit, whilst the majority slave away for little. 

A typical day constitutes:

Leisure activities are focused on forming stronger bonds with your fellow Mother-loving citizens or they are worship related such as Motherly Hymn Choirs, choosing/making outfits for celebration events or  reading and studying Mother Administrations literature and The Mother’s Word.

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