Hymns & Worship

Hymns and songs are an important aspect in the world of Mara KORPER. Hymns contain origin stories of how the Mother came to promience and saved the world; some contain advice or are intended to help people calm down. Everybody must sing hymns using approved sounds which are rounded, without vibrato, much like a children’s choir.

We encourage you to practice your hymns regularly at your local Hymn Choir so you might sing with the fullest approved sounds in the name of peace and harmoniosity, unity and Motherly adoration.

Hymn Fourth
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No fear, no fear:
Mother, mother is near.
Be free, Sie wants us to be free.
Belong - give so you belong.

Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh

No fear, no fear:
Mother, mother is near.
With cheer - with cheer,
With cheer - with cheer
Mother is near.

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